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India: India’s dire poverty and 102nd rank in the Social Progress Index are caused by violence, corruption and prejudice. Flawed democracy and extreme bigotry paralyze the country. Its inscrutably impenetrable caste system and traditions make India more prejudiced and corrupt than any other nation, while India unremittingly celebrates violence. It willfully rejected every ideal lived by Gandhi, who was killed for pleading nonviolence and tolerance soon after being spiritually slain by the diabolically cruel orgy of violence between Hindus and Muslims in the wake of the amputation of Mother India. For the caste-controlled and tradition-ordered Indian mindset, the concepts of human rights, gender and social equality, and humanity are an incomprehensible incongruity, an unfathomable reality. Despite their affluence, prominence and accomplishments, Hindus of Indian origin living in the United States remain in thrall to their caste, refuse to liberate themselves, and proudly use their caste names like Chopra, Jindal,  Patel, Sen, Aggarwal, and Gupta as their last names. More than the country’s independence, Gandhi’s focus was to change the Indian mindset. Gandhi gave India a cause to become civilized, but for India it was untouchable.


OPEC Countries: Poor countries aren’t the only ones economically hamstrung by Inborn Trinity. Although 12 members of OPEC are considered affluent, their levels of prosperity vary drastically. In 2007, the per capita income of six (Libya, Qatar, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait) ranged from Venezuela’s $8,282 to Qatar’s $76,374. For the remaining six (Nigeria, Iraq, Ecuador, Angola, Iran, and Algeria), it ranged from Nigeria’s $1,153 to Iran’s $3,990. Since its formation, Venezuela always, Ecuador mostly and Nigeria intermittently have practiced flawed democracy. Iran, and lately Iraq hold elections, pretending to be democratic. Libya is in turmoil. Algeria, Angola, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates have always been authoritarian. Violence, corruption and prejudice have caused extreme failure in Nigeria, Iraq, Ecuador and Angola. Violence and corruption were the villains in Iran and Algeria. Corruption and prejudice, as well as ideology, thwarted Venezuelan growth. Libya without Kaddafi’s protracted tyranny and Saudi Arabia without its absolute, corrupt and repressive monarchy would have been much more affluent. Flawless democracy would have made Kuwait, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates – tiny states with small populations and huge oil wealth – even more affluent. With Acquired Trinity, all of them would be civilized.


United States: The United States is the world’s richest country, yet one-sixth of its people live in poverty and it is ranked only 16th in the Social Progress and 46th in press freedom indexes. Stirred by greed and conceit, proficient in hypocrisy and deceit, ideologues and mediocrities crowd politics. Violence is common, corruption rampant and prejudice pervasive. Willful actions – the proliferation of laissez faire gun rights by the abuse of the intent of the Second Amendment, mushrooming stand-your-ground laws, and inadequate policing in poor neighborhoods – exacerbate violence. Willfully made laws sanitize corruption into a prerogative for the privileged. For an hour of their time, chief executives of major nonprofits take $750, while ordinary Americans earn $20. Three of the five living former U.S. Senate majority leaders are lobbyists. The infamous “revolving-door” sham is widespread. The corrupt legal system convicts more than 10,000 innocents each year. Willfully made laws deepen prejudice. Poor crack-cocaine users are incarcerated for years while affluent regular cocaine users are exculpated. Stop-and-frisk policing discriminates against the poor and minorities. The resource gap in public schools between rich and poor districts, the disparity in law enforcement between poor and rich neighborhoods, and willful enactment of voter suppression laws to deter poor and minority voters trumpet the American tragedy.


Media’s ownership by conglomerates has irreparably compromised and undermined its objectivity and independence, causing an unconscionable erosion of democratism in American society. Together, the Supreme Court’s decision that money is free speech and conglomerates’ ownership of the media have legally redefined and transformed America’s democracy into one bereft of democratism – essentially and effectively a plutocracy.


What is the cost of Inborn Trinity in the United States? Through a simple methodology, a rough estimate was done for 2007. With no violence, corruption or prejudice, the U.S. per capita income would have been $76,160 as against its actual $45,560 – furnishing two-thirds more affluence. The extra $9.2 trillion in GDP could have been used to end poverty, heal the environment and repair infrastructure. Embracing Acquired Trinity would birth America the Ideal, the Civilized and the Beautiful.


Acquired Trinity


Poverty and barbarity cannot be eradicated unless and until Acquired Trinity is embraced and a flawless democracy is enshrined – one that ensures government of the people, by the people and for the people; guarantees equal protection, equal opportunity and equal rights; and strives to create a “more perfect” society. How can this occur, given that humans’ natural inclinations drive their behaviors? Awareness of the untold benefits of Acquired Trinity and the unbearable costs of Inborn Trinity have the power to motivate people to make a rational decision to embrace nonviolence, altruism and tolerance, replacing violence, corruption and prejudice.


Perfect Paradigm: Nonviolence will end the resource destruction that currently occurs from violence; altruism will end the resource abuse through corruption; and tolerance will end resource waste from prejudice. The elimination of resource destruction, abuse and waste will create new wealth and investments. It will usher in untold economic development reaped from ongoing economic growth and social progress, guaranteeing universal affluence and enlightenment. Acquired Trinity will help people use a cost-benefit calculus to discredit ideology and learn the merits of a flawless democracy that guarantees liberty, equal rights and opportunities, motivating people to use nonviolence to defeat despotism and reform flawed democracy.


Consciousness about human responsibility – a critical catalyst in the inculcation of Acquired Trinity – is built from constructive parenting, discerning education, progressive culture and social progressivity. Government economic and social policies should include nothing more than equal economic opportunity for everyone; excellent infrastructure and easy loan for businesses; guaranteed assistance for the elderly, children and disabled; employment opportunities for able-bodied adults; free education and health care for all; public-works jobs for wages above poverty threshold to the unemployed, and 50-year five-percent-down-payment home mortgages. Such an elegantly simple economic model will accelerate economic growth, foster social progress, celebrate human equality and promote human dignity.


Preparatory Paradigm: To eliminate barbarity and poverty, and guarantee affluence and enlightenment, everyone needs to learn how to avoid the unbearable costs of violence, corruption and prejudice, and reap the untold benefits of nonviolence, altruism and tolerance. Luckily, people are teachable. Schooling on the untold benefits of Acquired Trinity and the unbearable costs of Inborn Trinity will help people fine-tune their cultural, ethnic, ideological, political, nationalistic, racial, religious and social templates and matrices. Children should begin learning about Acquired Trinity and Inborn Trinity in kindergarten, with the lessons continuing through graduation. Adults should be taught at colleges, in workplaces and in special classes.


Lone Panacea: The status quo cannot offer more than unwarranted poverty in rich countries, extreme poverty in poor countries, and barbarity everywhere. A few more people are fed today; however, there is no relief from the immiseration of poverty, destruction of violence, abuse of corruption, waste of prejudice, oppression of despotism, idiocy of ideology, hypocrisy of flawed democracy, and rape of Mother Earth. Should this inutile status quo be human reality and human destiny? The panacea is Acquired Trinity, which will guarantee ongoing economic growth and social progress, the hallowed triumph. Nothing but nonviolence, altruism and tolerance, gilded by flawless democracy will lead humanity to the mountaintop.


AB. Sunil Kayal


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