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Teach About


Violence. Corruption. Prejudice. They make up Inborn Trinity – humanity’s scandalous reality – through the actualization of people’s innate inclinations. Inborn Trinity keeps humanity immiserated, barbarous and noncivilized.  From the very birth of humans, ongoing violence, corruption and prejudice have been inflicting intolerable tragedies at unbearable costs: poverty and barbarity, keeping humanity noncivilized; despotism, flawed democracy and ideology – Inborn Trinity Exacerbators – invariably exacerbating violence, corruption and prejudice, immortalizing barbarity and poverty across cultures and generations. Since Inborn Trinity is ubiquitous and unceasing, every nation is immiserated, barbarous and noncivilized.


An immeasurably superior alternative is readily available. It is Acquired Trinity – nonviolence, altruism and tolerance – a sure path to becoming civilized and prosperous – humanity’s hallowed triumph. These enlightened adherences, especially when complemented by flawless democracy – the inevitable luster of Acquired Trinity – are the lone way to guarantee prosperity and enlightenment for everyone. Acquired Trinity’s demonstrable power and axiomatic ability to deliver universal affluence and enlightenment are manifest, guaranteeing a self-evident reality. But as the name suggests, Acquired Trinity is not innate. It must be taught so as to habituate people to inculcate it.


That is the mission of Teach About: to teach about the unbearable costs of Inborn Trinity and the untold benefits of Acquired Trinity.


Apocalyptic Eruption


At a time when the information revolution is creating feverish expectations among people all over the world for a better life, nations have neither the resolute dedication nor the required resources to generate the economic growth and social progress, and thus economic development, required to meet their expectations. The gap between resource supply and resource demand is worsened not only by violence, corruption and prejudice as well as despotism, flawed democracy and ideology, but also by evolutionary realities such as the unrestrained growth of human and pet populations, the depletion of natural resources, the reduction in per capita farmland, environmental ruin, conspicuous consumption, and employment-eliminating technologies like robotized automation.


The solution to the unfolding catastrophe lies in humanity’s readiness to civilize itself by shunning Inborn Trinity and ideology; embracing nonviolence, altruism and tolerance; and enshrining flawless democracy. Otherwise, humanity’s ongoing failure to liberate itself and become civilized will soon reach a cataclysmic reality with a sizeable number of well-fed people and an obscene number of ill-fed people. As humanity is already hypnotized by the frenzied expectation, the cataclysmic reality will force it to burst in an apocalyptic eruption, in whose blazing lava its cherished desire to become the exalted species will perish.


Inborn Trinity


Everyone is born with an inclination for violence, corruption and prejudice that gets heightened or lessened by his or her environment. Human history narrates the nonstop actualizations of these inherent tendencies.


Violence: Violence is the essence and embodiment of humans; in fact, any recounting of history reads like a chronology of incessant violent episodes and exploits. Every holy book is littered with bloody events. Hindu gods were incarnated to purge violence with violence. The dictum “an eye for an eye” hallows physical vengeance. Asking Abraham to kill his son showed God’s acceptance of violence; with the fratricide by Adam’s son Cain, violence began. Jesus’ crucifixion bared man’s cruelty. Against this backdrop, human history is being written day after day in human blood narrating human capacity for nonstop extreme violence. In colonial America, the Jamestown residents resorted to cannibalism for survival. Centuries later, little has changed. The killing of Gandhi evidenced man’s love for violence. Authenticating the human connectedness with violence, mass murders were perpetrated by the likes of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, Norway’s Anders Breivik, and Newtown, Connecticut’s Adam Lanza. The routine fascination with brutal violence is on display in the readiness of the rich and famous to pay $30,000 to watch a boxing match – two pugilists punching each other into submission – thereby elevating a licensed cruelty into an exalted event for elites in tuxedos.


This predilection for brutality is not limited to individuals, nor to extraneous or exogenous causes. Religions have subsisted on violence – millions have been killed over their faith, from The Crusades to the Holocaust and the 1947 Indian Inhumanity. Across the millennia, ever since their beginning, people have committed violence in the name of politics, religion, ideology, sect, race, ethnicity, caste and tribe. Bosnian Christians and Burmese Buddhists killed Muslims. India’s Hindus have killed many Muslims for killing a few Hindus. In Sri Lanka, Buddhists kill Hindus. Russian Christians kill Chechen Muslims. Darfur Arabs kill non-Arabs. Egypt’s militarists kill Islamists. Hutus commit genocide against Tutsis. Nigerian Christians and Muslims kill each other, as have Northern Ireland’s Catholics and Protestants. Pakistani Muslims kill Christians. Sunnis kill Shiites. Lebanese Christians, Shiites and Sunnis kill each other. As if it were an enforced ritual, Israeli Jews kill hundreds of Palestinian Christians and Muslims, who manage to kill a few Israeli Jews.


The secular record is even worse. Law enforcement officials thrive on brutality and torture, state killing is common, and nations routinely invade, defeat, and occupy other nations. The world is in a constant state of war, despite the monumental costs in lives and treasure – and in nearly every case, decisions to go to battle are driven by a rush of ego rather than a cost-benefit calculus. Neither India nor Pakistan profited from their recurring wars. The former Soviet Union gained nothing from invading Czechoslovakia and Afghanistan. China made no profit from invading India. Japan did not advance its cause by bombing Pearl Harbor. Israel does not benefit from its occupation. Iraq did not gain from its invasions of Iran and Kuwait.


The U.S. invasions of Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq were laden with awful costs and barren of any benefits. Violence has been the American way since the beginning, when the New World settlers practically exterminated the Natives in wresting control of the land. In the prolonged conflict between the natives and settlers, the “civilized” and “savages” killed each other. In the war for independence, the revolutionaries and colonialists killed each other. America’s expansion, unity and superpower status were all forged through violence. And so it goes.


Corruption: Human nature is to be corrupt because everyone is selfish, greedy and narcissistic. Having no appreciation of the enormity of the costs, people are inescapably steeped in corruption, which is instinctive in humans. Corruption is an untamed spinoff of self-interest, which is indispensable to people’s very survival. It occurs when the urge for accumulation violates legal, ethical and social codes – going beyond self-interest and moving toward selfishness, then greed, and finally narcissism. Playing out as dark tragedies, greed and narcissism divest man of his ethical compass and civic consciousness. Within the socially opaque and collectively murky world humanity comes to inhabit, people are blinded by their narcissistic greed to the extreme when they unleash despotism that attests to their villainous savagery.


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