Teach About

Violence. Corruption. Prejudice. They make up Inborn Trinity – humanity’s scandalous reality – through the actualization of people’s innate inclinations. Inborn Trinity keeps humanity immiserated, barbarous and noncivilized. From the very birth of humans, ongoing violence, corruption and prejudice have been inflicting intolerable tragedies at unbearable costs: poverty and barbarity, keeping humanity noncivilized; despotism, flawed democracy and ideology – Inborn Trinity Exacerbators – invariably exacerbating violence, corruption and prejudice, immortalizing barbarity and poverty across cultures and generations. Since Inborn Trinity is ubiquitous and unceasing, every nation is immiserated, barbarous and noncivilized.


An immeasurably superior alternative is readily available. It is Acquired Trinity – nonviolence, altruism and tolerance – a sure path to becoming civilized and prosperous – humanity’s hallowed triumph. These enlightened adherences, especially when complemented by flawless democracy – the inevitable luster of Acquired Trinity – are the lone way to guarantee prosperity and enlightenment for everyone. Acquired Trinity’s demonstrable power and axiomatic ability to deliver universal affluence and enlightenment are manifest, guaranteeing a self-evident reality. But as the name suggests, Acquired Trinity is not innate. It must be taught so as to habituate people to inculcate it.


That is the mission of Teach About: to teach about the unbearable costs of Inborn Trinity and the untold benefits of Acquired Trinity.